Structured approach to partnering.
For corporates, governments and NGOs that
want to stir innovation by collaborating with startups.


These organisations are already using it

Collab Canvas session / Startup in Residence program

First workshop at Maersk Growth

Iteration 3 of Collab Canvas

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“It was really difficult to completely understand the objectives of the corporate program and how we would fit into it. The canvas made everything clear, helping us to understand the objectives of the corporate and ultimately set up a successful cooperation."

Fabio Pania 
Maersk Foodtrack program

"For us it was the collab canvas that brought everything together."

Dimitris Karamitros,
Orange Grove & NN Ideas That Change Us program

"Collab Canvas contains a number of important points that must be clear to both parties. It’s a tool that helps with cooperation and enables both sides to ask the right questions which sometimes could be difficult, especially for startups.

Startup challenge owners @Startup in Residence BZK 2019
Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands

Creating structured collaborations together

Arjan de Jong

Daria Nepriakhina

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